the why to this blog

Hello world!

Why this blog? Simple. We all need encouragement.

I have longed to have the time, drive and want too for myself that I had before I became a wife & mother.  Coming in to my marriage, I was physically fit and felt able to do pretty much anything, with the exception of blowing my knee out close to a year before. I have been a active young lady who loves to put my shoes on and do “anything” pretty much that will cause me to sweat! And then, I had kids. 

I began to not have time for “me” anymore. Pretty soon other people’s “things to do” began to fill up my to-do list that I quickly was nowhere to be found. I had to use all my energy to spend time keeping up with everyone else and pouring in to them to make sure they had all they needed & wanted and by the time everyone was put to bed – just when I thought I was going to have 10 minutes of quiet time – my husband rolls over to make himself a little more comfortable in my quiet space. 

I am not just talking to Mother’s here in this blog, I want to speak to ALL women! 

You CAN do it! 

No matter the task that stares at you the moment you open your eyes, I want to personally help you along your life journey to encourage you, remind you, stretch you, and get your mind fixed on the possible that comes with giving the Lord your yes & your all! 

Would you dare let me coach you? Give you some accountability in life? Everyone needs a dose of encouragement and course correction along the way, how does that sound to you? 

In this blog, the Lord has revealed for me to take time and hear from you on what YOU need in your journey. Maybe it’s some quick stretching videos, devotional videos, prayer time, or even some time to get together face to face along the way! I want to connect with you and be the coach who will not only practice with you but also be in the game. 

This does not make me “perfect” and I am not creating this blog to say I have arrived and have it all together. I am walking out this process just like you; and it’s a daily walk. To make daily choices where I choose Him rather than me.

If you would like to be apart, simply fill out my questionnaire form and let’s get started! 

Yes, you CAN do it!

Philippians 4:6,7,13 • Isaiah 41:10 • psalm 27:1

You are worth far more than rubies, 

Pastor & Life Coach Jeanie Berry 

Be sure to fill out my questionnaire so I can get to know you too.